Steeped in nine decades of tradition

Sankei Meriyasu, a venerable knitwear company, was established in the year 1926, during the Taishō era.
Their enduring legacy is rooted in their unwavering dedication to the creation of knit fabrics, which form the basis of undergarments, gym outfits, and a wide array of casual tees - their integral focus since the company's inception.

Despite the mass exodus of manufacturing to overseas locations, Sankei Meriyasu has steadfastly maintained its exceptional artisanal quality.
Their commitment to preserving connections with local specialized factories in Osaka, known for their remarkable skills in sewing and dyeing, has been pivotal in their insistence on 'Made in Japan' and 'Osaka-made' labels.

This commitment to quality has underpinned their operations for over 95 years, resulting in the production of truly exquisite pieces.
Today, they draw on this rich heritage, utilizing the wealth of knowledge and expertise they've accrued to expand their own brand and OEM, showcasing their deep-rooted dedication to uncompromising craftsmanship.

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  • Stitch in Time: The Vintage Sewing Machine Chronicles

    At Sankei Meriyasu, there's a steadfast commitment to preserving the art of sewing with vintage machinery. It is this adherence to time-honored methods that allows for delicate adjustments, satisfying the nuanced demands of clients through the skilled expertise of seasoned artisans.

    Particularly captivating is the vintage sewing techniques that are becoming increasingly rare on a global scale. Employing a single-needle overedge stitch for hemming, and the use of a Union Special machine for the four-thread flat seaming, are standout examples of the appeal of these time-tested methods.

    The charm of these techniques lies not just in the nostalgia they evoke, but in the subtle nuances they allow - nuances achievable only through the intricate mastery of a dwindling number of artisans skilled in these traditional methods. By choosing to uphold these practices, Sankei Meriyasu is not merely manufacturing garments, but weaving a tale of heritage, craftsmanship, and an enduring commitment to quality.

  • Masterful Hands: The Artisan's Craft

    Vintage sewing machines are tools that can only truly be mastered by the most experienced artisans. At Sankei Meriyasu, seasoned craftsmen dedicate their time and effort to meticulously tailor each piece.

    Particularly charming is their commitment to techniques that have largely faded from view, such as the electric flocking print, sewing with cotton thread, and circular sweatshirts made using hanging knitting machines”LOOP WHEERER”. These practices, brimming with the allure of artisanal craftsmanship, are the heart of their appeal.

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  • Crafted Origins: Made in Japan, Made in Osaka

    As production increasingly moves overseas, Sankei Meriyasu remains unwavering in its commitment to 'Made in Japan,' 'Japanese-made,' and 'Osaka-made,' delivering quality that speaks volumes. Currently, a third of Sankei Meriyasu's production is dedicated to manufacturing products for export worldwide.

    Rather than focusing on mass production, Sankei Meriyasu prides itself on creating items with a keen attention to detail. If you value quality over quantity, and are looking for a distinctive touch in your products, Sankei Meriyasu should be your first port of call.

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